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We are rockSprocket, and we create rad stuff for the web.  We are currently heads down building apps, infrastructure, prototypes and other such nonsense … and you’ll have to wait just a bit longer to see what we launch next.  A new marketplace?  Could be.  Cool new mobile app, perhaps?  Yes, perhaps.

Our projects are often low-key until they’re ready for prime time (or at least public beta.) When we aren’t writing code for our business or yours, we are contributing our time and talents to non-profit organizations, especially to children’s organizations like Amber’s Angels.

Wanna get a hold of us?  Try Twitter or Facebook, or if you’d like to keep it just between us, use the contact form below.  Social is usually the way we keep up with people, but yeah we got an old-school email newsletter, too.  It’ll someday be worth signing up for, and til then at least we won’t spam you.

Cool new things are coming, so stay tuned.

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